Elnesvågen Square

Elnesvågen Urban Development

Short and long-term strategies to develop a vibrant and inviting center for residents, visitors and tourists in Elnesvågen.

  • Location

    Elnesvågen, Norway

  • Type

    Urban planning

  • Team

    Oslo Works, Asplan Viak, Rambøll, Civitas, Vista Analyse

  • Client

    Hustadvika kommune

  • Year


  • Status

    Parallell Commission

Sitplan Elnesvågen
For years Elnesvågen has been growing in east-west direction. Our proposal focus on inside-out principles — creating a compact city centre with greater connection towards the fjord.

A new clearly defined urban structure which emphasizes on the main road through the city is an important step in the development of Elnesvågen as a Municipality center.

Gatesnitt Elnesvågen
Sitplan Elnesvågen Torg
Region Elnesvågen
Scarce population combined with a short distance to the much bigger city of Molde makes it difficult to offer a wide array of shops in Elnesvågen.