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Community structures in Kyrksæterøra

A set of strategies to develop community structures for the administrative center in Hemne kommune.

  • Location

    Kyrksæterøra, Norway

  • Type

    Urban planning

  • Team

    Oslo Works, Asplan Viak, Civitas, Rambøll

  • Client

    Hemne kommune

  • Year


  • Status

    Parallell Commission

Illustration Kaia
Underdeveloped areas with huge potential are "rediscovered" and put in front of the urban redevelopment.

The urban redevelopment addresses key locations along the river Søa in the city center of Kyrksæterøra, creating areas for organized as well as unorganized activity and play.

Axo Bugen
Axo Fjordfront Bro Ved Utløpet
Axo Ørakaia
Axo Elvepromenade Badeplass
Axo Elvepromenade Barneaktivitet
Axo Uorganisert Idrett 2
Illustration Bygate
The nature plays an important part in everyday life in Kyrksæterøra. It is a constant reminder of the historical identity and appeal of the city.