We're an innovative architectural design studio working with a wide range of projects — from single family housing and cabins, to planning and urban strategies.

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Our studio

KOHT was founded by Anders Bjørneseth, Kenneth Lønning, Jonas Velken Kverneland and Christopher Wilkens in late 2016. The practice gained recognition shortly after by winning a two-stage competition to expand NTNU, Norway’s largest university campus in Trondheim. The following year KOHT was named Årets nykommer by Design and Architecture Norway.

The practice is a firm believer of collaboration and dialogue. A tool that is key to any great building or design. We believe in thoroughness in all aspects of our practice. From the first meeting with a client, to initial analysis and the final product. We believe in strong concepts rooted in a sensitive understanding of place and context.

Our studio is located at Rodeløkka in Oslo where we’re part of a cross-disciplinary community of architects, graphic designers and photographers.

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Doga Nykommer