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NTNU University Campus

By 2025, an ambitious relocation will be made to create the largest city-integrated campus in Norway.

  • Location

    Trondheim, Norway

  • Type

    Urban planning

  • Team

    SLA, Migrant, Leva Urban Design, Rambøll

  • Client


  • Size

    125 000 m²

  • Year


  • Status

    Completed, 1st Prize in Competiton

Render Klæbuveien

“The jury believes that the project has the concept that best corresponds to the important criteria for a successful collocated and city-integrated campus. The winner is not naecessarily chosen because it has the fewest points of conflict, but because the jury believes this proposal gives the greatest benefits for the university and the city itself, and that these benefits clearly weighs up to the challenges the project faces.” — Jury evaluation

Render Elgeseter Park Kveld
A new public library located next to one of the central parks in Trondheim serves as a multifunctional space, open to the university as well as the public.
Illustrasjon Vannspeil Elgeseter Park
Illustration Heis Nord Ntnu
Nord Plan 1 500
To improve the link between the city and the campus key hubs were given extra attention, as shown in the area around Samfundet, the building inhabited by the student society.

What kind of city life will occur and to what extent depends mainly on three things: active mobility, use and the identity of the place. Increased city life has several advantages. It means less traffic, better public health and more informal interactions. Enhanced urban life contributes to safer and more attractive urban spaces that attract even more visitors, as well as businesses.

Render Høgskoleparken
Render Døvekirkeparken
The co-location of the campus is a daunting task. The new structure needs to be placed within an already living and thriving city, where dwelling, commerce and recreational parks are commodeties highly treasured. The concept was to merge these different programs, letting them play key role together in the master plan, rather than establishing enclaves only visited by students and faculty members.
Akso Fra Fysiskplan