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We have moved!

We have a new office space at Sagene!

Koht Office 04

Our new address: Stockfleths gate 50, 0461 Oslo.

Today we moved into our new office space in Stockfleths gate 50. The space is located in a quiet street at Sagene in Oslo, a short walk from Sagene torg. In the 60s the space housed a local butcher's shop "Vøienvollen kjøtt- og kolonialforretning". In the coming months we will rethink the space, for a summer renovation. We might keep the red floor.

Historic photo: Stockfleths gate. November 1962. Foto: Ukjent / Arbeiderbevegelsens arkiv og bibliotek.

Koht Office 02
Koht Office 01
Koht Office Map 01