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Unbuilt House Exhibition

Unbuilt House 1

On Monday 21st of October the exhibition "Unbuilt House" opened at the Glass Gallery at Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The exhibition is part of this year's Oslo Architecture Triennale. The exhibition is a collection of 20 models of unrealized projects by emerging architecture studios in Oslo.

Our contribution for this year's exhibition is a model of our winning proposal in the invited competition for a new Town Hall in Östersund, Sweden. In collaboration with Longva Arkitekter and Grindaker. The town hall is to be built within a central block of public institution in Östersund, rich in history and architectural artifacts.

The participating offices are: Hesselbrand, Solveig Lønseth & Vilhelm Christensen,Helling Arkitekter, Powwow Arkitekter, KOHT Arkitekter, HALLSTEIN, Natowa Architects, Jonas Gunerius Larsen, Sanden+Hodnekvam Architects, Arkitekt Atle Leira, Kolab Architects, Steinlia, Austigard Arkitektur, Zeuthen + Stjern, Ekberg Lous Arkitekter, STUDIO LON, bastark, Kastler Skjeseth Architects, Holt O’Brien, Svingen Arkitektkontor.

The exhibition will be open until November 6th. Photo by Aleksander Svingen.