Huntonstranda Masterplan

A flood resilient housing development revitalizing Gjøvik’s front towards lake Mjøsa.

  • Location

    Gjøvik, Norway

  • Type

    Urban planning

  • Client

    Gjøvik kommune

  • Size

    126 000 m²

  • Year


  • Status

    Competition entry

Situation Plan 1 1000 180Ppi
The design takes cues from the existing dimensions of the grid-structure found both in the city-center and the peripheral residential areas of Gjøvik.
Fala Strøksgata
Fala Brygge

The site is exposed to flooding. Every design choice made had to take this into consideration. With the implementation of new underground parking facilities, masses can be rearranged on site to achieve a safe zone for the 200-year flood.

Axo Bryggekant
Axo Steiner
Axo Strand
Axo Vannivå
Axo Akse Bok
Since Gjøvik is the end station for the railway, a possible future development could be to reduce the length of the railway to open up the axis towards the lake. "Lokstallen" and the new open space could be transformed into a new public square.